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Web traffic through quality links

by Chris Smith

I've recently started a new web development blog and have been pleasantly surprised at the high levels of traffic (relative to anything I've done before) it's receiving after such a short space of time. I'll share with you how I've achieved this.

My traffic building strategy was to target a few carefully chosen high quality links. My plan was to try to create a small number of links to my site, quality not quatity, coming from web pages highly ranked by Google and with a subject matching the page on my site. I also decided to use deep linking rather than just point everything at my home page.

The subject of my blog is web development resources and, in particular, ASP.NET web development. (Two links in that last sentence, sorry, can't help myself.)

When I blogged about a particular solution I then went in search (Google) of people with technical issues looking for my solution. All I then did was create a forum account and post a reply linking out to my blog post. Highly relevant. I'd respond to forum posts that had been dead for 2 years. Doesn't matter. I'm still getting a link to my site which is good for me and the solution is posted on that forum for anyone who searches in the future.

The key point is that in this scenario is that the inbound links I have created are actually useful to the linking site's audience. Everybody wins. It's in no way trying to cheat the system. This is the right way to generate your inbound links.