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Chris Smith

Hello. I’m Chris, a front-end web developer from the UK.

I blog about web development and other nerdery.

You can find me on CodePen and  Twitter.

Web Development – Recent Posts

  • The DOM Diet and Year Pickers 15 Nov 2018

    I think we all know that having a smaller DOM is good for performance but I was never sure what’s considered big or small, or at what points performance is ...

  • Why Are We Making Web Development So Hard? 24 Oct 2018

    I don’t think I’m the first person to think this by any stretch. There are lots of infographics around showing the difference between web tooling now and 10 years ago ...

  • Learning Experiences as a Freelancer 06 Oct 2018

    I thought it might be useful to share some of my not-so-great experiences as a freelance web designer so that others can learn from my mistakes.

    All Work and No Pay

    What’s ...

  • Super Fast Tree View in JavaScript 05 Oct 2018

    I thought I’d share a way of writing your JavaScript that will make a tree view hierarchy render and respond very quickly.

    Firstly, the demo. I’ve got 100,000 items, quite a ...

  • Stop Linking to Nowhere 01 Aug 2018

    Do you find yourself writing this kind of thing in your HTML?
    <a href="#" onclick="doSomething()">Some action</a>

    Does that href="#" make you feel slightly uncomfortable? Like it’s not really doing anything, a ...

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General Nerdery – Recent Posts

  • FPL Player Value, Expected Returns and Targets 28 Feb 2018

    FPL players range in cost starting from 4 up to 13 so how do you compare them fairly across such a broad spectrum? What sort of returns should you expect ...

  • Do IT Qualifications Hold Value? 25 Oct 2017

    I work in tech, software development. I’d say that of the developers I have worked with, some have clear IT backgrounds, e.g. Computer Science degrees, others are entirely self-taught. As ...

  • Shared User Accounts 22 Oct 2017

    I live with my wife and two boys and as you’d expect we have lost of accounts for lots of different services. What’s odd is that the models for the ...

  • Stepping Away from Facebook 21 Oct 2017

    I’ve made a conscious decision to spend less time on Facebook. I was going to start this post by saying “with regret” but actually that’s not it at all. I ...

  • 500 Mile Challenge – Half Way 03 Jul 2017

    This year I set myself a challenge, to run 500 miles within the calendar year, 2017. I’m now about half way through the year so thought it was time for ...

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