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Chris Smith

Hello. I’m Chris, a front-end web developer from the UK.

I blog about web development and other nerdery.

You can find me on CodePen and  Twitter.

Web Development – Recent Posts

  • Learning Experiences as a Freelancer 06 Oct 2018

    I thought it might be useful to share some of my not-so-great experiences as a freelance web designer so that others can learn from my mistakes.

    All Work and No Pay

    What’s ...

  • Super Fast Tree View in JavaScript 05 Oct 2018

    I thought I’d share a way of writing your JavaScript that will make a tree view hierarchy render and respond very quickly.

    Firstly, the demo. I’ve got 100,000 items, quite a ...

  • Stop Linking to Nowhere 01 Aug 2018

    Do you find yourself writing this kind of thing in your HTML?
    <a href="#" onclick="doSomething()">Some action</a>

    Does that href="#" make you feel slightly uncomfortable? Like it’s not really doing anything, a ...

  • Google Analytics – Why You Should Replace IDs in URLs 01 Aug 2018

    Google Analytics is brilliant at tracking things like Page Views for a website. It logs the URL and then keeps a count of how may times that URL is requested. ...

  • Experiment: Font Size vs Colour Contrast 13 Jul 2018

    One of the things I’ve learned early on in web accessibility is the importance of colour contrast to make things easy to read on screen. High contrast is good but ...

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General Nerdery – Recent Posts

  • FPL Player Value, Expected Returns and Targets 28 Feb 2018

    FPL players range in cost starting from 4 up to 13 so how do you compare them fairly across such a broad spectrum? What sort of returns should you expect ...

  • Do IT Qualifications Hold Value? 25 Oct 2017

    I work in tech, software development. I’d say that of the developers I have worked with, some have clear IT backgrounds, e.g. Computer Science degrees, others are entirely self-taught. As ...

  • Shared User Accounts 22 Oct 2017

    I live with my wife and two boys and as you’d expect we have lost of accounts for lots of different services. What’s odd is that the models for the ...

  • Stepping Away from Facebook 21 Oct 2017

    I’ve made a conscious decision to spend less time on Facebook. I was going to start this post by saying “with regret” but actually that’s not it at all. I ...

  • 500 Mile Challenge – Half Way 03 Jul 2017

    This year I set myself a challenge, to run 500 miles within the calendar year, 2017. I’m now about half way through the year so thought it was time for ...

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