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Hello. I’m Chris, a front-end web developer from the UK. I blog about web development and other nerdery.

You can find me on CodePen and Twitter.

Web Development – Recent Posts

  • Safer Passwords 11 Oct 2019

    Just thought I’d pass on a few tips that I’ve been given for setting a password that won’t get hacked.

    Passwords can be hacked in ...

  • Edging Out of IE Support 04 Aug 2019

    Having to support a minority of users on IE11 is painful. It’s a browser that is still officially supported by Microsoft, until 2025, but active development has stopped, ...

  • Performance Perception Trick: Processing Lists Faster 03 Aug 2019

    I’ve got a little trick to make the processing of lists appear to go faster than it actually does.

    Let’s suppose we have a list ...

  • Should Designers Be Able to Code? 02 Aug 2019

    This seems to be a bit of a hot topic on Twitter right now so here’s my take.

    The definitions of designer and developer and where you draw the line between ...

  • What Techies Tweet 03 May 2019

    I was curious as to what value I was getting out of following people in the tech industry on Twitter. Are they sharing useful information or just sharing pictures of ...

  • When to Reach for a Framework (and When Not To) 13 Apr 2019

    First off, when I say “framework” in this post’s title I just mean any big chunk of stuff that you load up and it does stuff for you. ...

  • Hiding UI Elements 29 Mar 2019

    At the start of March 2019 I ran a poll on Twitter to see how devs hide UI elements. Here’s the tweet and results.