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Web Animation Tips

by Chris Smith

Here are a few techniques I use in making web animations in Codepen.


By zooming all I really mean is moving things nearer or further by animating them along the Z axis with transform:translateZ(). This needs to be used in conjunction with the perspective and perspective-origin rules on a parent element. I tend to put this on the html element.

I like to set the opacity at 1 when elements are close up and fade them down to a lower opacity as they're further away. This gives a very natural feeling of coming into focus or if exaggerated can give the impression of something emerging from a fog.

Example: Tie Fighter Waves


I quite often use rotation to make 3D objects spin on screen. It would be a shame to go to the trouble of making a 3D object with detail on all sides only to see part of it. Turning it round slowly is an easy way showing it off. Use a keyframe animation for this rotating the object around the Y axis.

@keyframes spin { 0% { transform:rotateY(0deg); } 100% { transform:rotateY(360deg); } }

.spin { animation: spin 5s linear infinite; }


Making an object shake is a great way of drawing attention to it or giving the ipression taht something is alive or vibrating like an engine. It's easy to make objects shake using keyframe animations.

@keyframes shake { 0% { transform:translateX(-2px); } 100% { transform:translateX(2px); } }

.shake { animation: shake 100ms linear alternate infinite; }