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My New Website

by Chris Smith

After years of working on all sorts of websites I thought I’d create my own personal site. I’ve created quite a few sites for myself before but they have always been about my web design and development work or (failed) entrepreneurial attemps to generate a bit of money. This is different. I’m not looking to gain any money, work or reputation, just giving myself a platform to publish, well, whatever the hell I feel like.

I’m not sure what will go on it yet, maybe a bit of a blog, maybe some articles, photos, video, music. Or I might just fill pages with adverts and animated GIFs. Seems to work for some people.

The Design

I thought I’d just share some of the thinking and technical approach behind the design. As a web designer/developer I don’t want the site to be just about its content, I see it as a bit of a playground for trying out new design ideas.

To begin with I’ve focused on keeping the design as clean, clear and simple as possible. It’s fully responsive so works on devices of all shapes and sizes. I’ve also kept the technology involved to a minimum serving up static HTML files for maximum speed.

Going forwards I’m sure I’ll play around with different design ideas so not all pages will look the same. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, enough. Hope you enjoy. Now go and do something more useful.