500 Mile Challenge

I’ve set myself a challenge this year. In 2017 I’m going to run (a minimum of) 500 miles.

I generally do go out running quite regularly and even do the odd event but I tend to go through phases of not going out for 3 weeks then going out lots. I thought that if I set a total to aim for then I can see how I’m doing against where I should be if runs were evenly distributed¬†– if I’m ahead of schedule or falling behind.

So, how does 500 miles break down? Well, 52 weeks a year, it’s roughly 10 miles a week with a couple of weeks off for good behaviour. I could calculate it further but that’s good enough for me to get the extra motivation I need.

I’m using a free online database tool called Airtable to record my progress against my target. Here’s the embed which will update with my progress as I record it. Good luck me!