World’s Biggest Crossword

I like to do the odd crossword, always have, since I was about 12. I got this app in the Kindle Fire called World’s Biggest Crossword (WBCW). It’s not really a massive crossword at all, just a large collection of normal sized crosswords. There’s a grid of 19×19 squares, each of which leads to a new puzzle.

I’ve just completed it, 361 puzzles, 7455 clues in all. That’s quite a lot for someone who just likes the odd crossword. The reason I’ve played it so much is down to the clever way it’s designed to hook you in. You see you can’t just play any puzzle, you have to buy entry to it with tokens. The app awards you new tokens every day. The clever part is that it rewards you with more for returning on consecutive days so you quickly find yourself starting it up every day so as to maximise your token earnings. Very sneaky.

It’s completely free but I’ve seen a lot of banner ads in that time. Ker-ching! It also offers you more tokens in exchange for sharing on Facebook and/or Twitter. Not that I ever did that. I’m not going to start bothering people with my crossword progress. Seems like a sure fire way to┬álose friends and alienate people.