500 Mile Challenge – Half Way

This year I set myself a challenge, to run 500 miles within the calendar year, 2017. I’m now about half way through the year so thought it was time for a quick update and review.

When exactly is the half way point of the year? With February being short it’s probably around the second of July. Near enough for this post anyway.

So, half way through the year and a touch over half the miles covered. Today, 3rd July, I’ve done 256.9 miles. I’m now in training for Cardiff Half Marathon at the start of October so will start doing longer distance runs and should hopefully pull comfortably ahead in the next couple of months.

It might not seem like the most difficult challenge, and in truth it probably isn’t, but having it there has made a big difference. There have been many times where I might have not bothered going out but the idea of falling behind in my miles has kept me going. It also helps keep it regular, rather than doing nothing for 3 months then going nuts it keeps it steady and means I never get too unfit.

I’m logging each run in Airtable and am using the API data in a CodePen project to plot it on a graph using Chart.js. You can see the chart here:

graph of runs vs target

500 Mile Challenge

I’ve set myself a challenge this year. In 2017 I’m going to run (a minimum of) 500 miles.

I generally do go out running quite regularly and even do the odd event but I tend to go through phases of not going out for 3 weeks then going out lots. I thought that if I set a total to aim for then I can see how I’m doing against where I should be if runs were evenly distributed¬†– if I’m ahead of schedule or falling behind.

So, how does 500 miles break down? Well, 52 weeks a year, it’s roughly 10 miles a week with a couple of weeks off for good behaviour. I could calculate it further but that’s good enough for me to get the extra motivation I need.

I’m using a free online database tool called Airtable to record my progress against my target. Here’s the embed which will update with my progress as I record it. Good luck me!