Bear-faced Ham

When you’re looking at the cooked meats in a supermarket, have you seen the strange kiddy-friendly thing with the bear’s face? There are a few incarnations – Billy Bear, Bertie Bear – all equally gruesome.

I don’t understand the thinking behind it. They want to make meal times more fun for kids. Here you are, kids, here’s a nice friendly teddy bear for you to play with. He’s going to be your new best friend. Aww. Now, eat his face.

bear faced hamI guess meal times are a struggle with some toddlers and anything to help persuade the little ones to eat is good? No, not good. Don’t be so lazy! Work at it, persist! Your toddler not eating their ham is better than them eating weird reconstituted watery bear ham.

Anyway, why a bear? Wouldn’t a pig be more appropriate? That’s assuming it contains pork. I don’t know for sure but it certainly seems more probable than bear meat.

Maybe they should use Peppa Pig? Oh no, then it would cost about £2 per grim slice.