Dishwasher Nazi

When did I change and become so opinionated on how the dishwasher should be filled? Why do I even think about it? It just doesn’t matter. I know that. But I’m terrible for it. I’ll come home to a part-filled dishwasher and I’ll start rearranging things so that it gets filled my way.

I’m a cutlery and crockery control freak, a dishwasher Nazi. Bowls go there, cups go there, knives, forks, big spoons, little spoons. It’s ridiculous.

It’s the outlet for my OCD. The thinking behind it, my lame justification, is that I’m getting the most out of the available space and then making it easier to unload by arranging like items together. In reality, I’m just spending the time on loading instead of unloading rather than actually saving myself any time. I’m probably not saving space either because I’m grouping similar items together rather than putting things where there’s an appropriate space. I put all the forks and spoons together so they’re “spooning” and probably don’t get as clean.

Maybe chaos is actually better than order in dishwasherland?