Shorts Men

Have you noticed that there’s a certain type of man who seems to be in shorts all year round? It doesn’t matter what season, time of day or outside temperature. Shorts.

Why? Don’t they feel the cold? Do they have some objection to the longer trouser? Do their legs overheat easily? Maybe they don’t own any trousers or just deny their existence? Maybe their just perpetually over-optimistic about the weather? Whatever the reason, in my book, it’s odd.

A couple of weeks ago I had to be up and out at 5am, in Mid Wales, in November. I’m not sure quite how cold it actually was but I could see my breath and felt like I’d die if I took my gloves off. I saw a guy in shorts. Not out early running or walking a dog, just standing around waiting. Were shorts really the best choice for this?

I’ve seen a lot of these shorts types over the years but this was a shorts champion. He’d really taken it up a notch. He was wearing Crocs. Justify that!