Fantasy Football – Best Season Yet :)

The 2016/2017 Premier League season has just finished and so has my season of Fantasy Premier League. After last year being my all time low, with a finishing position of 785,943, this year I’ve finished 16,876 out of over 4.5 million players. That’s in the top 0.4%, which really isn’t bad going. I’ve also won the various mini leagues in which I compete and even won a bit of money. Ker-ching!

So, what’s been different this year? What have a I learned to propel me up the rankings?

I think the main difference in the second half of my season was taking notice of the ownership of fantasy assets. In the past I’d always picked the players I’d wanted and not worried about what others were doing. I’ve come to realise that you can’t afford to ignore the market. Getting the right players at the right times affects their value in terms of price rises and drops and your overall team value. It also mitigates risk. If a player is scoring well and well owned then not having him can hurt you and lead to a serious drop in rank. Whereas owning him is less risky. If he does perform you creep up ahead of those who didn’t; if he flops it affects a lot of other players too so there’s less of a drop.

This idea of going with the popular pick is also true of the captaincy. It can hurt if a lot of your opponents pick a captain and he delivers a hi score. Go with flow and you’ll be ok. It makes sense to keep your big players in line with the game’s leaders and take the risks with the fringe players.

My other big learning point was using the chips effectively. This year I kept my second wildcard and bench boost back and used them in gameweeks 36 and 37 where there were an extra five fixtures. Lining up the squad for the double and then having 14 players with 2 fixtures gave me a massive boost. In gameweek 36 I climbed 50,000 places. In gameweek 37 a further 28,000.

My final takeaway is that I have tended to write off gameweeks 1 and 38 as a bit of a lottery. With risk of rotation and teams “on the beach” it can be hard to predict. However, there always seem to be a lot of goals in these games. It may be worth investing more in attacking players and even risking the All Out Attack chip or Triple Captain. A very late Triple Captain chip could bring about quite a swing in fortunes if the right payer gets a hat-trick.

Here’s the story of my season, and of seasons gone by, in stats: