Web Design, Development and UX


I pride myself on writing clean, semantic and accessible HTML including ARIA attributes.

HTML Email

HTML email is a highly specialised skill. After completing a CodeSchool course I’ve created several templates which have gone into production.


I tend to write vanilla JavaScript whenever possible as it’s compatible with any framework and as frameworks come and go remains constant. I’ve recently learned parts of ES2015 and use TypeScript to make JavaScript type safe.



JavaScript Frameworks and Tools

The list of frameworks, libraries and tools gets longer all the time. Day to day I work with Angular (1). I’ve known jQuery for a long time including the jQuery UI front end framework for things like datepickers, autocomplete, sortable lists, drag and drop. I’ve done projects using Knockout and React.


Other JavaScript based tools I’ve worked with include Google Maps APIGoogle Charts APICharts.js, Dragula (drag and drop), Moment.js (date/time), Hopscotch (inline help), Toastr (notifications), Elevate Zoom (image zooming).


I’ve used CSS for a long time, moving towards the preprocessor Sass (SCSS) in more recent years.

CSS Frameworks

I’ve worked with Bootstrap on several projects as well as one using Google’s Material.


I use a tool called aXe which validates HTML and CSS against WCAG standards. It can be used as a browser extension or as a Visual Studio extension providing warnings of any accessibility violations.


I regularly use different fonts, mainly from Google Fonts and make heavy use of Font Awesome icon font, although the latest version has moved to SVG.

I’ve learned SVG and use it wherever possible to give sharp looking graphics at any resolution. I use Adobe Illustrator to work with SVG and export graphics in different formats and resolutions.


Code Editors

My main tool is Visual Studio in conjunction with Team Foundation Server and I use both Source Control and Git. I tend to do a lot of front end work in CodePen as it allows for quick editing, forking and sharing of front end code.


I’ve done a limited amount of unit testing using Jasmine and Karma. I regularly test web content cross browser using BrowserStack.