Code Neat Freak

With front-end developers we all care what our UI design looks like in the browser. I’ve started to notice that there are 2 distinct types of developer though – those who are solely focused on the outcome and those who care about the code itself.

If what appears on the screen looks good and a function does what it’s supposed to do then does the code really matter? I’m not sure.

Personally, I’m a bit OCD about the code. I arrange all of my CSS rules in alphabetical order and set each new JavaScript block apart with line breaks and add lots of comments.

Once the code is minified, the messy code and the neat freak code come to the same thing so this tidying up effort is only for humans. Should I be worrying about it and doing it manually or should I just be using the IDE’s formatting tools to do all of this for me?

One thought on “Code Neat Freak”

  1. Untidy code is trickier for the next person to maintain. Leaving your code messy is just rude.

    If a builder left a ton of rubble behind a wall so that next time someone opened up the wall it all spilled out, how happy would you be?

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