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Danger. Do Not Sit.

This isn't some strange health message, warning against being a couch potato, but the warning sign that appears on baggage carousels at airports.

It is repeated at regular intervals all the way around, both above and below the belt, in a variety of languages and icons. So, pretty clear. What's the first thing that people do? Yes, they ignore the signs and sit on them. Every single time I fly, without exception, I've witnessed this. And I'm not talking about young children who sit down and are immediately called back by their families. It's either children who are allowed or even encouraged to sit on them, or adults who consider the rule unworthy of their respect.

I'm partly irritated by the lack of respect for the rules (bit square, I know) but more aggravated by the attitudes of those who make them. Are the airports genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of their customers or are they just covering themselves legally?

You see the same in public washrooms with signs saying Caution - Boiling Hot Water. Rather than cover yourselves against being sued by providing a warning, why not actually address the potential problem and reduce the water temperature. It will probably save you money too long term.

Going back to the airport example, why not provide seating facing the carousel so passengers can sit while they wait for their luggage?

Rant over. :)